Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Meet Mr. Eggwards!

"Mr. Eggwards"
by Kimber Fiebiger (Minneapolis, MN)

A pleasure to make your acquaintance.  Please allow me to introduce myself.  I am Mr. Eggwards, Esq.  Please enjoy my stylish nature and attire.  I invite you to gather around and sit with me.  I am highly photogenic and certainly do not mind having you join me in a photo.  Feel free to post our photo on my Facebook page.

I am a sculpture who arrived in downtown Champaign with the help of The City of Champaign and The Public Art League.  I was created by Kimber Fiebiger who resides in Minneapolis, MN.  You may also know another of her creations…my illuminating friend ”Chester the Jester,” who currently lives right down the street.

Please come visit me on the wall outside of the Esquire Lounge in downtown Champaign.  You know that “Esquire,” often abbreviated “Esq,” is a title of respect…which can certainly be assigned to as refined a gentleman as I.  Please come and pay me a visit – I would enjoy the pleasure of your company.

Mr. Eggwards with Champaign Mayor Deb Feinen

Friday, October 14, 2016

Keeping It Together in Leal Park

"Keep It Together"
by Benjamin Pierce

The Public Art League proudly welcomes "Keep It Together" by Benjamin Pierce (Cape Girardeau, MO) to Leal Park in Urbana.  The sculpture is constructed of welded steel, brick, hardi-plank, aluminum, asphalt shingle and wood.  All are exterior grade products common in the construction of a house.

Thank you to Barak Rosenshine for his site sponsorship of this piece.  Also, thanks to the Urbana Park District for providing the beautiful location and for assistance with the installation.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

"Shooting Star Spotted at Allerton Park"

"Shooting Star"
by Don Lawler

The Public Art League welcomes "Shooting Star" by Don Lawler (Stephensport, KY) to the beautiful surroundings of Allerton Park in Monticello, IL.  "Shooting Star" is carved from Indiana limestone and weighs around 3,000 lbs.  The artist indicates that "this functional sculpture is a reminder to enjoy the moment.  Cast a wish!"

Thank you to The Friends of Allerton for the site sponsorship and installation of this piece!