Friday, June 21, 2013

2013 Finalists Unveiled!

The Public Art League received 55 fantastic entries from all over the world (from as far as Austria and China) in response to the 2013 Call to Artists.  Of the entries, our advisory Jury panel selected 12 that we hope to bring to Champaign-Urbana this year.

This year's finalists are:

 “Ascend the Wind”
  by Michael Helbing,  (Berwyn, IL)
  Height:  15’,  Width:  11’,  Depth:  5’,  Weight:  350lbs,  Materials:  Stainless Steel

  “The Shield of Chichen Itza”
  by James K. Johnson,  (Charleston, IL)
  Height:  10’4”,  Width:  5’8”,  Depth:  18”,  Weight:  1200lbs,  Materials:  Cor-Ten Steel

  by Ted Sitting Crow Garner,  (Chicago, IL)
  Height:  12’9”, Width:  4’6”,  Depth:  5’10”,  Weight:  750lbs,  Materials:  Painted, Welded Steel

  by Dan Perry,  (Waterloo, IA)
  Height:  8’7”,  Width:  6’,  Depth:  3’4”,  Weight:  300lbs,  Materials:  Painted Mild Steel, Industrial Enamel

  “Sunder Planet”
  by Stephen Luecking,  (Chicago, IL)
  Height:  94”,  Width:  94”,  Depth:  94”
Materials:  Painted Wood

  “Tic Tac Toe Bench”
  by Benson Sculpture, LLC,  (Jackson, TN)
  Height:  8’, Width:  8’, Depth:  8’, Weight:  250lbs,  Materials:  Kiln Dried Yellow Pine

  “The Statue of Yong 2/100 – Evil Mind”
  by Jeong Yong Choi “Yong”,  (Chicago, IL)
  Height:  72”, Width:  60”
Depth:  37.5”, Weight:  700lbs
Materials:  Bronze, Steel, Artificial Grass

 “Reclamation Tower”
  by Michael Collins,  (Longview, IL)
  Height:  16',  Width:  4’,  Depth:  4’,  Weight:  400lbs
Materials:  Wood, Steel Copper, Aluminum

The following sculptures were sponsored at the 2013 Unveiling Party.  We look forward to meeting them soon!

  “Glory Pipes 2.0”      **SPONSORED**
  by Stephen Fairfield,  (Saint David, AZ)
  Height:  18’,  Width:  10’ (top)
Depth:  4’ (square),  Weight:  500lbs
  Materials:  Aluminum, Steel, LEDs, Electronics

  “Circle of Friends”   **SPONSORED**
  by Karen Crain,  (Littleton, CO)
  Height:  47”,  Width:  40”,  Depth:  20”
Weight:  450lbs,  Materials:  Bronze

  “Fettle”     **SPONSORED**
  by Luke Achterberg  (Lexington, KY)
  Height:  128”,  Width:  58”,  Depth:  40”
Weight:  350lbs,  Materials:  Paint on Steel

  “It’s a MisTree”     **SPONSORED**
  by Michael Helbing,  (Berwyn, IL)
  Height:  15’, Width:  6’, Depth:  11’
Weight:  250-300lbs, Materials:  Stainless Steel

The Public Art League now needs your help to bring all of these incredible sculptures to the community.  A bronze sponsorship of $2,000 will allow PAL to lease a sculpture for two years and have it installed for the public to enjoy.  There are also many other sponsorship possibilities and ways you can support the program (sponsorship).  Please contact us if you have an interest in helping bring more great public art to C-U!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

2013 Sculpture Unveiling

Wednesday, June 19 - 5:30p - 7:00p
The Fireplace Room @ Big Grove Tavern
One Main Street, Downtown Champaign

Join us on Wednesday, June 19 from 5:30 - 7:00p at Big Grove Tavern as we unveil the sculptures that could make their way to Champaign-Urbana this year!  Artists from all over the country have submitted their entries and you will have a chance to see the wonderful pieces that have been selected for installation.

Please join us for this exciting evening!

Wine, beer and hors d'oeurves provided
Please RSVP by June 14 to

Thank you to our generous sponsors:

The Barham Benefit Group and The Robeson Family Benefit Fund