Friday, October 12, 2012

The Public Art League Welcomes Fall with Four New Sculptures!

by Scott Mental (Coulumbia, S.C.)

Earlier this year, the Public Art League was the proud recipient of a Marajen Stevick Foundation grant through the Community Foundation of East Central Illinois.  It was specified that the grant be used toward the purchase of sculpture.  We are proud to announce the purchase of "Incursion" which is installed on the southeast corner of Neil and Washington streets in downtown Champaign.  Scott Mental's inspiration is for us to re-evaluate and appreciate the spaces that we interact with on a daily basis.  "Incursion" is a wonderful addition to the permanent art collection in our community.

by Don Lawler (Stephensport, KY)

If you are walking though One Main Plaza, you will notice "Ripples" by Don Lawler.  The sculpture is carved from a single piece of Indiana limestone and represents the "circle of acquaintances" we have with neighbors, friends and family.  Like ripples on a pond, they touch our lives and the lives of others.

Thank you to the Noel family for their site sponsorship of this piece.

"The Wind in the Trees"
by Cathrin Hoskinson (Brooklyn, NY)

As part of the celebration of the City of Urbana's continuing designation as a "Tree City USA", "The Wind in the Trees" was installed on Main Street in downtown Urbana.  The sculpture is a silhouette of a tree mounted on a steel base which is cut in its shadow.  The layers of metaphoric allusions on the sculpture suggest the essence of a tree moving in the wind.

Thank you to the City of Urbana Public Arts Commission for the collaboration and site sponsorship of this piece.

"THEB #1"
by Jeff Boshart (Charleston, IL)

Standing 18 feet tall, 15 feet wide and 15 feet deep, you cannot help but see "THEB #1" (The Empty Box #1) as you enter Champaign on Neil Street from the north.  Installed just north of the Blue Line Station building, "THEB #1" is a framework through which you can see the landscape beyond.  The geometric forms contrast with the urban and natural elements around it.  The artist has made it impossible to negate the surroundings and simultaneously made it impossible to ignore the sculpture.

Thank you to Mellander Holdings and Surface 51 for the site sponsorship of this piece.

A Big Thank You...

Thank you  to photographer Della Perrone for her wonderful photographs of the sculptures installed by the Public Art League in Champaign-Urbana.  Della took the photographs above and has provided us with fantastic pictures of all of the sculptures currently installed.  Thank you Della!

If you are interested in assisting in bringing more public art into our community, or keeping the fantastic pieces we have here, please contact us at  Thank you for your continued support!